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Lost & Found

Email us at if you have lost an item.

Tell us what was lost and be sure to describe details such as the color, brand, name on the missing ID card, passport, what's in it, etc.

This way we can check for your lost item.

Phone: 010-65888898


Is there any dress code at FRESH Beijing?

We welcome to all kinds of fashion, especially Hip Hop, City boys & City girls! 

For your safety, please do not wear flip flops and slippers. Otherwise dress fresh!


Is there is the cover charge for FRESH Beijing?

We do not charge a cover charge, and tickets will only be sold when we have special guest performances.

All pricing and other information is written on our official WeChat account event page, so please check before you come!


How can I book a table at FRESH Beijing?

It can be booked by phone: 010-65888898

Is there any age restriction at FRESH Beijing?

At FRESH Beijing, as long as you are an adult as required by Chinese law and can produce documentary proof, you can enter.

The accepted documents are: Chinese ID card, passports, driver’s licenses, etc.


What time does your main acts usually start?

The main performance usually starts between 1 am and 2 am. It may change, depending on the event.


Do you accept credit cards for entrance?

Yes we do.


Do you have lockers or a coat check for bags and coats ?

Yes, we have a locker area for automatic storage of coats inside. You can rent a locker by scanning the QR code and completing the payment through WeChat or Alipay.


How can I buy tickets for shows?

No cover charge is required for regular days. For days with guest artists and special planned events you can purchase tickets through our official WeChat accounts, websites, mini programs, Douyin, etc., by scanning codes or links.

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